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We know all casino games carry the house edge. That’s how an honest operation generates revenue, and that’s how it should be, there’s absolutely nothing one can and should do about that. Certain games however, carry a much bigger juice than others. Avoiding those games is perfectly reasonable and trying to capitalize on ones with lower house edges makes perfect sense too.

Blackjack is one casino game that presents players with excellent odds that can even be further improved through skill. In this respect, Blackjack is beyond doubt a game that can yield some nice returns in an honest casino like Bodog.

Add to that the fact that its rules are simple and easy to learn and you got yourself a sure winner.
In a Blackjack game, the house edge is usually around 2-3%, if one considers a novice player with no knowledge of basic strategy. That edge can be reduced to about 1% by someone who knows and applies basic strategy successfully. Live blackjack even offers players the possibility to turn that edge around completely by counting cards (no matter how many decks the house uses, a skilled counter can always secure an edge).
Unfortunately, card counting is usually not an option in online blackjack, because by the nature of the whole framework, one can never be 100% certain how the RNG (random number generator) works and how many decks it tries to simulate and shuffle. In theory it can also reshuffle after every single hand, so don’t count on your card-counting skills online at all.
Basic strategy remains an option. It consists in several tables which tell the player what he/she needs to do considering his/her own cards and the one that the dealer has face-up. One doesn’t even need to learn these tables by heart, since there are a few principles reflected in them, which can be easily replicated once the player catches on.
The object of the game is to hit as close to 21 as possible without actually going over it (busting out) and beating the dealer to it.

Face cards all count as 10, and the Ace counts either as 1 or 11 depending on the circumstances (an Ace cannot be counted as 11 if it means the player’s point total will go over 21).

The actions that the player can undertake are: hit, stand, split, or double down. Taking insurance against the dealer’s blackjack is not something basic strategy recommends you do in any situation, so you may as well forget about it. Some casinos offer more options to the player such as re-splitting Aces, early surrender, late surrender, double down after split, etc.
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