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Although Bodog also runs an online poker room, especially dedicated to this wonderful game and its different variants, Bodog Casino is a poker paradise from a casino gambler’s point of view. There are all sorts of poker games featured, and even though games will be played between a human player and the RNG (random number generator), which means there will be EV- (negative expected value) involved, there are some really low house edges on many of these games.

Caribbean Stud is one of the most popular poker games on Bodog. It is played against a dealer, and it works with antes and raises. You place an ante, and then you’re dealt a 5 card hand. One of the dealer’s 5 cards shall be turned face up, so you’ll have a clue as to what he might be holding. You have to decide based on your hand and the one showing card of the dealer whether you want to fold – thus forfeiting your ante – or raise him.
If the dealer does not qualify, beating him is not much good since you only get a 1-1 on your ante and a push on your raise. In order to qualify he needs to have at least an A,K or better (i.e. a pair, two pairs, three of a kind, etc.). If he does qualify, you’ll get paid out 1-1 on your ante and several units to 1 on your raise depending on the strength of your hand.

Caribbean Holdem is a more recently introduced Caribbean Poker variant, in which the player will basically be going up against the dealer (the RNG) in a Texas Hold’em game.
The interesting thing about this game is the progressive jackpot the player can win. In order to achieve that, the player needs to hit a Royal Flush using both his pocket cards. The progressive is shared with the more popular Caribbean Stud, and considering the odds involved in happening upon a Royal Flush, the sums can get pretty fabulous indeed.

Let’em Ride is another interesting take on casino poker. The player posts an ante, then gets 3 cards. The dealer gets 2 cards but at this stage, they’re both face-down. In order to understand the course of action here, you need to know what the goal of the game is: the player wins if he gets something like a pair of tens or better, using his three cards plus the two hole-cards the dealer has. The first stage of play requires the player to decide on whether he wants to raise the ante or continue on without it. The first one of the dealer’s cards is turned over, and then the player can decide again whether to raise or just to continue. After the final card is turned over the winner is decided, and is paid out according to the value of the eventual poker hand he’s made. The better the player’s poker hand, the bigger the payout.

Pai Gow poker is the regular game you may already know from elsewhere. The player gets 7 cards which he then must arrange in two hands of 5 and 2 cards respectively. He must beat the dealer’s corresponding hands with both of his to win. If he only beats the dealer on the 5 card hand and loses on the 2 card one, it’s a push.

Video poker is the same Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better you’ll find in any live casino, only at Bodog, it’s present in a myriad of other variants.

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