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Bodog casino features a no-download Flash client where people who for one reason or another cannot download the software can still play some of the most spectacular games on offer. In order to gain access to everything the casino has to offer though, one needs to download the client.
If you’re not at all computer-savvy don’t worry. It seems like Bodog features a tutorial for just about every knick-knack tied to online casino gambling, and nothing escapes their attention in this respect. They feature a software download and installation tutorial as well, in which they detail every single step one needs to go through in order to have the client up and running in no time.

First things first, you need to hit the “Run” button or text link featured in at least a dozen or more places all over the site. Once you do that, a dialog window opens where you need to select “Run program from its current location”, or you can simply save the install kit anywhere and run it later by double clicking on it. Whichever of the two possibilities you use, you’ll be prompted for the location where you want the software to install. Simply select a location by browsing through to your preferred spot and hit OK. Installation will commence automatically, and as soon as it’s done, it opens up the main lobby for you.

Sounds straightforward-enough, but complications may arise on account of your windows firewall. If the firewall blocks the application from connecting to its server, you’ll normally be warned and prompted to allow it manually or deny access for it. All you need to do in this case is click allow. In some instances you may not be prompted and the firewall might just block the program by default. In this case, Bodog offers a customer service number you can call to ask for assistance with the issue. If you’re a returning player, and have an older version of the Bodog Casino client installed on your computer, you’ll need to uninstall it first, and then download the new software reinstalling the whole thing from scratch.

The Bodog Casino software is fully compatible both with Windows XP and Vista, and the system requirements are quite minimal. Basically, if you have a system that handles the everyday online wear and tear with relative ease, the software will run on it just fine. To make everything easier for customers, Bodog&rs

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