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Caring for customers should be a top priority for every online casino on the internet. Unfortunately too many of these operations take too many things for granted, like the fact that all players know everything about the games they are about to play. That is not true by a long-shot. As a matter of fact, most casino players tend to be expert at a certain game, and not know a whole lot about the other games. Bodog recognizes the importance in keeping players entertained as well as occupied, so it included a handy games-guide on the pages of its website.
Using this guide, players can not only learn about the rules of different casino games, they also get general advice on how to play (really useful point-specific things, like the odds involved in different bets and the house-edge certain games carry, is not yet available), as well as information on promotions concerning the individual games.

Their roulette section, for instance, provides some historical background on the game as well as rules, and a concise illustration of the differences between the European and the American Roulette wheels.
The game’s interface is then presented, with a clear description of the functions different buttons fulfill, and pointers on how to place wagers.
There are some pretty useful “shortcut” options available too, like the “repeat” button which replaces all bets from the previous round on the table, all the “clear all” one which removes all chips from the table. Placing bets is as easy as left-clicking on the roulette table on the number (or groups of numbers) on which one intends to bet. Chips can be removed from the table one-by one simply by right clicking on them.

Other popular casino games like blackjack and craps are also presented. Their blackjack section is an especially elaborate one. In addition to the rules-description, and the software presentation, they also have a basic strategy section, as well as strategy tips.
The paragraphs that deal with soft hands and insurance can be very useful for a beginner.

In the Bodog Casino School, every casino game is featured and thoroughly covered. These guys certainly know that for some people a casino is about much more than roulette and blackjack. Casino war is easily one of the simplest, fastest and most enjoyable casino games, which few people really know about.
Both the player and the dealer get one card. If the player’s card is higher, he wins, if not he loses. In the event of a push, the player can choose to raise or fold. Three cards are then burned, after which the player and the dealer get another card and the “war” starts over.
The game is played with a standard 52 card deck, which is promptly reshuffled after every hand. This will not slow the game down by any means, as the RNG (random number generator) can do the shuffling in the matter of a few fractions of a second.

Whatever casino game you prefer, you’ll find a thorough description of it in Bodog’s casino school. At the end of the day, you might even end up playing something you never even knew existed.

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