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As the name suggests, “Freeroll” is free to enter. In the majority of cases, cash prizes are up for grabs. However, in order to spice things up a little, there are occasionally other rewards. Keep a careful eye out for these!
To find the latest freerolls, simply select the “Scheduled Tournaments” tab from your poker software.

The freeroll occurs twice daily:

  1. $500 Freeroll at 14:40 pm ET
  2. $500 Freeroll at 21:40 pm ET

Unsurprisingly, freeroll is a highly popular tournament. To avoid disappointment, you should register at the earliest opportunity.

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At the games outset, each player has 1000 chips courtesy of Bodog; $1 rebuys and $1 add-ons are also offered. Prior to the first intermission, participants can rebuy a maximum of 1,500 chips for $1. This is on the proviso that the stack falls below 1000.
Once the first hour of play has been completed, there is the opportunity to purchase a further 2000 chips for $1.
At the conclusion of the game, it is quite possible that the rebuys and add-ons may surpass the $500 guaranteed prize pool. In such an event, the surplus figure will be added on to the prize total:

Game end: Rebuys and add ons = $700
Surplus = $700 - $500 (guaranteed prize pool)
$200 added to prize total.

The entire winnings are then allocated in accordance with the stipulated payout chart. This can be found in the tournament lobby.


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